Traveler's New Testament Mission

A Christian Ministry to those who take a lesser traveled path. Anywhere in God's creation.

"In each glowing color of nature, we see the fingerprints of God."

An outdoor ministry for those who take the lesser traveled path!

Worship Services, Weddings, Baptisms, and Funerals

Where you go to meet God, we can meet you there.

 anytime - anywhere

We also provide resupply, refit, and safe stop & start services

for Ohio's Buckeye Trail

and the NW Ohio portion of the North Country Trail

Our "Business" Card

      Feel free to take one and share it! 

Wedding Services in the backyard or backcountry

Traditional Christian services, contemporary, or somewhere in the middle.

We can help you plan the service or plan it for you if you wish.

Our Church (Junction Bible) is located along Ohio's Buckey Trail (NCT)

We can provide any support a hiker or group may need on their way through:

Drop-ship supplies (food, equipment, mail)

Overnight stop overs (ground fire area and room for tents)

Trail-Head services (on and off)

contact us in advance:

 (419) 393-2671 office / (419) 906-5350 cell /